About Our Award Winning Gourmet Food Company

The Meatless Burger That Won Best Burger Overall At BurgerFest 2016

Have you ever heard of a meatless burger beating out a bunch of meat heads at a Burger Fest? Well we may have been the first ones to do it. We won the Hamburg BurgerFest in 2016. And we haven't stopped creating since.

It all started with our Quinoa Bowls in 2015. Not many people could even say "keen-wa" properly back then. But we were on a mission to change the status quo about meatless foods lacking flavor. So we infuse every single bite of our creations with top-quality ingredients including imported Italian olive oils, Mexican avocados, and our signature house-made sauces & dressings. We source locally made breads and hand-craft our fresh squeezed juices year round. Gourmet food and drink at it's finest.

We offer a broad range of creations for our events and catering, inclusive of our innovative meatless and gourmet foods.

Our Founder's Story & Company Cause

Since 2011, founder, Nick Mussolini, has fought for animal rights all around the world. But it wasn't until he rescued Soho, the once-stray cat from downtown Buffalo, that he felt called to an even bigger mission.

"The saddest eyes I've ever seen." He said, upon rescuing him.

After just 2 months of love, healing, and being held for possibly the first time in his life, Soho's little body couldn't fight the beating it took on the streets any longer. He passed peacefully on January 13, 2015 in Nick's arms, while leaving his loving light and grateful heart with all of those he touched.

The flame from having to say goodbye to little Soho would stay with Nick, and just 5 months later, became the catalyst for the birth of Avenue29 Foods.

The company on a mission to build the world's first global animal rescue fund.

The Beginning of the Journey

Our passion may be creating delicious meatless foods, but our mission is saving lives.